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Ear Conditions and Treatment Options

Lifestyle, communication needs, dexterity, hopes and expectations of hearing aids are taken into account when selecting a product that will best meet your hearing needs. The technology for hearing loss correction in Minnesota has rapidly advanced including intelligent, self-adjusting devices and devices that can be adjusted via user-friendly smartphone app. Many of our products can sync to smartphones for direct streaming so that your hearing aids also act like Bluetooth® earpieces. We also carry rechargeable hearing aid options.

Our ear care treatments span beyond hearing aids, covering ear pain and drainage, surgical solutions and ear tube placement.

  • Pediatric ear care
  • Hearing aid technology
  • Hearing loss prevention
  • Hearing diagnostics

Ear and Hearing Specialties

Our team can test people of all ages, measuring the type and severity of hearing loss.

Now offering Hummingbird® treatment. Using a technology that allows an ENT doctor to insert ear tubes without the need for an OR and general anesthesia. This allows for a faster recovery, less stress and less expense than the traditional tube procedure.

All of our ears are different. Hearing aids for hearing loss that are molded to fit your unique ears can ensure that your technology fits comfortably and works to its greatest capacity.

“I have been seen by Jon (Schee) for 14 years now. He is professional, knowledgeable and very kind. He does his job well and I always look forward to my visits with him.”

Comprehensive Hearing Aid Services

Some types of hearing loss are not medically correctable and require amplification. The audiology staff of Joni Amrhein, MS, and Jon Schee, MS, are experienced and well qualified to counsel you regarding your hearing loss and help you select and fit you with the perfect hearing aids.

Hearing aid evaluation/fitting: Some types of hearing loss are medically correctable and the diagnostic evaluation assists our medical staff in determining the best course of treatment. No matter the stage of hearing loss, Renew will guide you through the hearing loss correction process.

Hearing aid repair/maintenance: Hearing aid technology has rapidly advanced and there are now options ranging from intelligent self-adjusting options to smartphone app adjustable options. Many of our products can synch to smartphones for direct streaming so that your hearing aids also act like Bluetooth® earpieces. We also carry rechargeable hearing aid options.

Meet Your Team

Jon Schee, MS, CCC-A

Jon Schee, MS, CCC-A

Jon Schee, MS, is a licensed audiologist with 30 years of clinical audiology expertise. Experienced in general adult and pediatric diagnostics, Jon has a special interest in modern digital hearing aid technology for musicians and the general public.

Joni Amrhein, MS

Joni Amrhein, MS

Joni Amrhein, MS, has extensive experience helping those with hearing loss. She can perform full diagnostic audiological evaluations and can recommend and fit hearing aids and accessories to enrich patients’ lives. She can also provide follow-up support to assist hearing-impaired patients.

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Ear Care and Hearing Aids Patient Education

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Looking for Cosmetic Ear Repair?

We can combine functional surgeries with a cosmetic improvement, if that’s something you desire. Visit our Renew Plastic Surgery site to learn more about our cosmetic services.

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